How many kegs does a CO2 last?

I have the small tank (5lb?) and I feel like I’m blowing through it way too quick. I had a leaky keg (which I thought I fixed) but my last tank only had enough juice for 3 kegs and a handful of purges. Do I still have a leak somewhere? I use standard cornies for kegs. ... id-89.html

I think this might be a little high. But you should get more than 3 kegs.

Do you have shut off valves on each line? If so, shut the gas off to all but one keg. Then turn the gas off at the tank. The gauge will still show 12psi (or what you have it set at). Come back in the morning and see if it has dropped. Do that for each keg.

That link sounds about right for me. I’ve been kegging for a year and a half and had two leaks then the other tank lasted over a dozen kegs. My leaks were usually on the gas-in post of the kegs because they needed new o-rings.

My first tank of CO2 lasted through 4 commercial sixtels and 7 force carbed homebrews.

That tank died with honor.

I have a 5 lb tank as well and mine has lasted 9 months since I last filled it. I always keep three beers on tap and I believe I am around 12 kegs already since refill. I never change my PSI and just do the set it and forget it carb method and always check the keg for leaks when I first install it.

Thanks for the tip Nighthawk. Will do once I fill my tank…

I get around 10 kegs on a 5lbs tank.