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How many bottles from 1 gal batch?

How many bottles should be expected from one gallon batch? I only got 8 full bottles and about half of another. I used the half bottle to taste it while it was flat. Taste was good but bottle count was less than hoped for.

Having read some posts from other one gallon brewers nine bottles is about the norm. Some loss in the trub layer and then a little left in the fermentor to avoid excess sediment in the bottles.

You could start brewing double batches. There will still be the loss to the trub layer but the percentage lost will be reduced. Grocery stores that have a cake frosting department will have two to three gallon buckets, and larger, that work very well for fermenting. Just need to drill a hole in the lid to install a grommet for the airlock. Most of the frosting buckets I use for Star San solution and cleaning have a o-ring seal in the lid. Price is good too. Fifty cents to a dollar apiece.

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Thank you sir. That does make me feel a bit better. That sounds exactly like what was going on here too. I did have a little spillage from the bottle filler not stopping flow completely. Spring loaded filler will be coming with my next order. I believe it was a post I read where you had mentioned those icing buckets then too. Sound wisdom I say. Thank you again for the advice @flars.

There was somewhere, where this person was able to feed 1000’s of people with just a few fish and couple of loafs of bread… Just can’t seem to get my brew to do that… I will keep trying tho! Sneezles61



Or the story of one day’s worth of oil miraculously lasting eight (hey, look at that…) days. Maybe I should have a Hannukah keg that lasts eight times longer than I thought it would…

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