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How many bines to train up?

Just curious how many bines I should keep on my second year centennials to train up the line now that pruning is in order?

I train 3 per line.

I did 2 per plant, but I’m thinking 3 would have been a better idea since mine are already up to about 10 feet. I do one bine per string, unless there is only on string on a plant.

I’m on a second year plant as well so I was thinking of training two bines up each of my three lines but I really have no idea if that is too many or two few. Guess we’ll see.

The “Small Scale & Organic Hops Production”
manual provided by Freshops recommends “Two or three bines are trained onto each string, the rest being pruned off regularly throughout the season.”

Thanks for posting the link to that pdf. Lots of good info there.

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