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How long to wait on smack pack?

I just brewed a batch of Saison De Noel with the Wyeast 3711 french saison yeast. I didn’t realize it needed to be smacked and then I had to wait three hours. I smacked it about an hour ago, and I have the wort in the primary fermentation vessel waiting for it. Do I have to wait the full three hours or can I go ahead and put it in?

I have to get up for work in the morning and I need to go to bed, lol. If it really needs to wait, I can set an alarm to get up in a few hours.


I’d pitch it.

Sorry, this is one of three of the same posts I did. I hit the back button on my phone browser a couple of times and it reposted the thread.

My apologies. Mods please delete this thread.

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