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How long to wait on smack pack?

I just brewed a batch of Saison De Noel with the Wyeast 3711 french saison yeast. I didn’t realize it needed to be smacked and then I had to wait three hours. I smacked it about an hour ago, and I have the wort in the primary fermentation vessel waiting for it. Do I have to wait the full three hours or can I go ahead and put it in?

I have to get up for work in the morning and I need to go to bed, lol. If it really needs to wait, I can set an alarm to get up in a few hours.


The smack pack is to show viability of the yeast (proofing). Breaking the pack isn’t required. A starter, depending on wort gravity, or age of the yeast, might be

a good idea. Many people, including myself, have made good beer with underpitched yeast. No, don’t worry about setting your alarm early.

Sorry, this is one of three of the same posts I did. I hit the back button on my phone browser a couple of times and it reposted the thread.

My apologies. Mods please delete this thread as well.

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