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How long to primary ferment Ryan Face Punch

I am a new (second batch) home brewer. I have seem some posts about how long to ferment before bottling. I just brewed Northern’s Ryan Face Punch IPA on 4/28. HOw long should I keep in primary before transferring to secondary ferment? How long in secondary? I have the directions from the kit, but some of the tweaks by all of you experienced home brewers is welcomed. I wnat ot make sure this one turns out well. Thanks for your help.

I left mine in the primary for 3 weeks. Just keep track of the gravity. If you get consistent readings a few days apart, you can bottle it. I gave mine 3 weeks in the bottle to fully carb but the longest part was the cold storage. It wasn’t until another month of storage in the fridge that the flavors really came together. Another month after that and I wished I had started drinking them after 2 months in the fridge. If you can five this beer around 3 months, you will be happy with the results.

Thanks Ryan. Yowch. It’s going to take a lot to keep me away from it that long. Did you do a secondary ferment after the 3 week primary or straight to bottles for 3 week conditioning?

If you’re in a hurry, you can accelerate the aging process by storing the bottles at room temp instead of in the fridge. Or maybe best of both worlds, leave half the bottles out after carbing and put the other half in the fridge, wait a couple weeks, then start drinking the first batch.

No secondary. Just primary until a reached final gravity then into the bottles.

After 3 weeks (or 4, definitely make sure to use the hydrometer to tell if the beer is done) you’ll have an open fermenter. Make a 4 week beer, like The Innkeeper or a wheat beer you can enjoy young. I can’t tell you when the Face Punch will reach it’s peak flavor, but if you can, hold off 3 months before sampling.

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