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How long to oxygenate wort

I brew 5 gallon batches. I bought an oxygen regulator and stone. How long should I do it? Do lagers need more?

I’ve been using the same system for awhile now. I’ll let it go for about 90 seconds. Some will say shorter & some longer, but that has been working good for me. I attached a stainless rod with 2 cable ties to keep it rigid. That way you can move it around in the wort without it coiling up. Also, don’t open it up too much that it appears to be boiling. Just small bubbles. Hope this helps. :cheers:

Oh yeah! I did the same for my lager & it turned out fine.

I go about 1 minute with most beers about 1.5-2 with big beers

I believe about 1 liter. Shadetree posted on this awhile back. The amount of time it takes to fill a 1 liter bag. I let it run about 60 secs.

maybe 30 seconds for about 1.050 and under.
maybe 45-60sec for above that to 1.075 or so
90 to 120 sec for huge beers depending on gravity. Huge beers I may hit twice in 24 hr
if your running it and there is tons of bubbles and foam you have it running to high and it is just coming out of solution

According to Chris White and Jamil’s book on yeast, 60 seconds should get you firmly into the ideal range for standard gravity wort (8-10ppm) and this is a case where more is not better and may in fact be detrimental. For high gravity beers, a second application early in fermentation may be helpful–during the first 12-18 hours if I remember correctly. A worthwhile read if you get a chance.

+1 true dat…big beers benefit from additional o2 after pitching

I worried about this when doing a big IPA recently, as my OG was 1.104 and I had over 10oz of hops in the final 30 minutes, 7.5oz at flameout. I opted not to do it (for fear of oxidizing the hop oils) and paid a price – a long fermentation time that could have been boosted.

Scott over at the Bertus Brewery blog did a post on cloning Dogfish Head 120 minute which requires multiple aerations across the fermentation cycle. He reported no impact to aroma or flavor. I’m going to try this on my next R&D batch (in July) and see how it goes.


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