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How long to leave matcha in secondary fermenter

Hey there - brewed the green tea golden strong ale recipe and just moved to the secondary fermenter adding the matcha green tea powder. Turned from beautiful gold into green swamp water, but I think the tea is mostly settling out after a few days. Does anyone have any idea if there is any problems with leaving this for more than a few weeks with the matcha in there? Have been trying to find information online about tea in the secondary fermenter but am not really finding anything - I wonder because typically over-steeping tea can draw out some unwanted bitterness, but maybe that’s a non issue with green tea powder?

I confess I’ve never brewed with tea before. I would suggest sampling it at a week, then every week after until you feel it’s reached the flavor you want. If you can cold crash it at that point do so and the yeast and tea will flocculate. Bottle or keg from there.


Not familiar with tea powder, is it just finely crushed tea leaves or chaffe? How much did you use? I have nothing to add just curious

Cold crash combined with fining (gelatin, biofine, etc) should do the trick.

Just 1oz of powder - I thought it would all dissolve, but it seems to have settled out.

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