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How long to lager?

I have only brewed a few helles’s and have used only dry yeast. I have been very pleased with them but have sampled them all to death before they could really lager long. I can notice a slight yeast smell to them and just wondered if this will diminish with time. I lager in the keg at about 40F and just wondered how long others usually lagered. I use 34/70. The one I just tasted that has a yeasty aroma has only lagered 1 month. Any advice here? Can someone help me stay out of it? :frowning:

unfortunately only you can put down the gravity thief/turkey baster/tap handle :cheers:

You could try hitting with some gelatin to facilitate flocculation and/or dropping it to 32-33* for a least a week or so of that lagering period.

I’m struggling with the same thing right now. Ideally you need to lager close to 32-33F. I have 4 kegs of Helles in my chest freezer right now but I am afraid I will freeze the beer if I go any lower. I have the temp controller set at 30F and my thermometer varies between 30 and 40F.

6-8 weeks is suggested but I am going to try 12 weeks if I can. Problem is that I have 4 kegs of Vienna lager and nowhere to lager those except my Bierkeller which is 48F.

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