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How long to ferment in Carboy for Dunkelweiss?

I have a dunkelweiss in a carboy. Today is the 2nd week. The temp has been a steady 62deg. and the krauesen is still on the top, but I have noticed a layer of “stuff” at the bottom of the fermentor.

When should I expect to take a hydrometer reading, after another week?

This is my first brew, so not sure what to look for / expect, etc.


Two weeks should do it, maybe give it three if you want to be sure. No rush.

I generally still give a beer several days in primary after the yeast drops. The cake still does some metabolizing of intermediates like diacetyl and acetaldehyde, that you don’t want in your beer.

Has you beer been in primary for two weeks, or is this the start of week 2? Generally 2 weeks is adequate for a normal strength beer but I agree that an extra week won’t hurt ifits not in a bucket.

This will be the 3rd week. I plan on keeping in the glass carboy until ready to bottle, maybe next Sunday, 20th May.

I assume I can take a reading anytime now or wait till this week is up?

If you take one now and then one when you are ready to bottle you’ll know for sure that its stable (they’ll read the same).

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