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How long to cold crash?

I am brewing a no-gluten ale for the wife. 3lb Sorghum, 3lb Honey, American Ale yeast.

It spent 1.5 weeks in primary. It was plenty cloudy after 1.5 weeks, as I understand frequently happens w/Sorghum. I moved it to a secondary over the weekend and it’s not significantly less hazy.

Going on a trip later this week, and wondering if there’d be any value in transferring it again and then putting it in the basement while I’m away for 10 days or so. When I get back to town it’d be about 4 weeks since brew day, total.

Issues to consider: 1) I know I need to be careful to make sure it’s all the way “done” given the honey. 2) are there any downsides to putting in a colder spot (55 F or so in the basement) for so long before bottling?

Any perspectives or advice appreciated!

Thanks All,

Sorry - I meant it IS significantly cleared after the transfer.

I would guess that it’s most likely done by now. It would help if you measured the gravity as that is pretty much the only way you can tell. If it is indeed done, I’d just leave it in the same secondary vessel and move it to the “cold” to let it settle better.
Having no experience with surghum I really don’t know whether or not it clears up. Perhaps it just stays cloudy for a long long time.

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