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How long should I wait before trying my Chinook IPA

This past Sunday, I bottled my Chinook IPA and was left with 40 filled bottles and one bottle that I was only able to fill halfway up. I was impatient to try my beer so I grabbed the half filled bottle and opened it, I heard the fizz sound of carbonation and drank it on the spot. It tasted quite well for a warm beer, and am now curious to see what the finished, refrigerated IPA will taste like.

I am mostly curious about how much longer I should wait before trying it since it seemed that the half bottle had already carbonated. It’s been four days since adding the priming sugar, and I know most places suggest two weeks! But I am too excited haha.


Since I’m of the impatient breed, I usually HAVE to try one after 1 week, 10 days, and 14 days. Usually by that time I can the’yre either ready or I can quell the urges and let them get fully fizzed. :slight_smile: If you think you might have over-primed them you may want to keep an eye on 'em and once they get where they’re good, refrigerate them. We’ve not had any gushers or bottlebombs here but there are some nasty horror stories out there. Out of curiosity what did you use to prime them and at what temperature?

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i tasted my last Chinook at one week of bottle conditioning at a day and night ambient of 69°F and one full day in the fridge at 35°F. It was good. At two weeks and two days of chilling had another it was great. Put a full case in the frig.

The Chinook is ready to drink before the Dead Ringer. Seems DR takes at least three weeks of bottle conditioning. Must be the higher alcohol thing.

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They are conditioning at high temp since I am from a tropical country. Seems that my brewing experience is quite different from other people! I put them all inside a carton box where my 24 bottle set came in. I simply bottled and stored right back in the box. Exterior temps can go from 78F to 82F so I imagine that everything gets sped up in my situation. I am going to refrigerate a case. I dont see the harm in doing so. I will taste one of the refrigerated ones this weekend, and then go from there! Thanks for the advice!

Yeah! I am going to do that as well. I will be putting one of the cases in the fridge! Thanks!

Every morning put one in the fridge… Soon as you get home, open and quaff. IFN its good, even great… all of them, need to be chilled and consumed! :sunglasses:

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Just an update, the IPA came out great for my first brew, absolutely delicious!

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