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How long on the Stir Plate

Is four days too long to leave a starter on the stir plate. I started it yesterday afternoon and have to go out of town Tuesday and Wednesday. Can I leave it spinning till I get back home Wednesday afternoon and then cold crash it, I’m brewing Saturday.

Four days is fine. However, I would cold crash it before leaving to allow more time for the yeast to flocc out.

If I cold crash before I leave that only gives me about 36 hrs of fermentation, is that gonna be enough?

My SOP is to prepare a starter the night before brewing and then pitch in ~24 hours.

According to this microbiologist from Wyeast, cell growth should typically max out in 18-24 hours: No reason to go any longer. In fact he suggests that it could be harmful to go longer.

Ok thanks for the info. Into the fridge before I leave tomorrow.

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