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How long is too long

Long story short I was experimenting with washing yeast and ended up with one in the starter Monday night. - It’s WLP 001 and I’ve been shaking it regularly.

Question- Has it been too long since I made this to pitch it tonight or tomorrow morning? Will it impart off flavors? Attenuate well? etc etc? Planing on brewing the Wheaton Beatdown. Thanks

If it kicked off and started it should be fine. If it were me, I would cold crash it and make another starter and brew tomorrow so its closer to high krausen. Make sure you decant and let the yeast warm to room temp before pitching in another starter.

Should be fine, I’ve pitched saved yeast cakes up to a month old. You could always “spritz” it up with a teaspoon of sugar just to wake it up, but you really don’t need to.

does it matter that it’s been out @ room temp this whole time?

So you think these little punks still have it in them?. I was hoping so, just didn’t know if they’d died off too much, or possibility of mutation?.. but probably still too soon for that, huh,.

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