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How long is too long in primary

How long is too long to keep beer in the primary? I’ve read various opinions about the length of time on the yeast before off flavors.

As always, thanks!

I’ve not gone over 4 weeks but I’ve read a few times where some have gone 6 weeks. I would think temperature would play a part but I’m not comfortable past 4 but I sometimes get a little OCD about it.

Depending on the beer, you could easily go 6 months or more and most people report that they do have have off flavor issues.

Take a look at this post:

6 weeks in primary, at room temp, is about the longest I would comfortably push it, given a few negative experiences in the past. I’ve had beer in the primary for 3 months at fridge temps (after fermentation) and the beer was fine when I finally racked it.

Honestly, if possible, I’d shoot for 4 weeks at most if you can make it work, just in case.

Shoot for 3 weeks to a month. If you’re asking because it’s been six and you forgot about it take a tasting. Worst case is that it is bad, best case, it’s still good!

I don’t like to push 4 weeks in primary with an average ale. high OG brews I’ve been leaving for around 4 weeks. I had a bad experience with autolysis once & it made me paranoid. I should also add that this is my personal preference, not anything solid.

Thanks everyone. I’ve been on the road for work and will be able to rack to a secondary tomorrow. I think that will be 5 weeks in the primary. At basement temp (mid/low 60’s). I’ll hope for the best.

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