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How long is my beer good without pressurizing Keg

I got ahead of myself. I have been bottle conditioning and havnt gone through enough beer to bottle my 2 batches coming up this week. I am planning on moving to a kegging system but the wife wont let me spend whats needed for the whole set up. I have a 2 corny kegs but no CO2 or regulator yet. How long is my beer good for without pressurizing the keg?

Same amount of time as if you left them in the fermenter.

You can try to naturally carb them in the keg. But with out the co2, it may be difficult to get the lid to seal. Try boiling the lid/o-ring to get it real soft. Then lock it down.

The beer really doesn’t care if it gets carbonated. However poor sanitation and a lack of proper storage temperatures can definitely affect it. If I didn’t have a C02 source I’d seal the keg and store in the best way possible, the best being 36-38F refrigeration. If you know your keg seals well, just throw in the priming sugar and wait a few weeks at ferm temps.

It might be worth investing in one of these: … arger.html

That would let you purge the head space, and would guarantee the lid was sealed if you wanted to prime with sugar.

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