How long does your CO2 tank last?

I have a 20# tank, 3 - 5 gallon kegs, and a 2 1/2 gallon keg I use for soda water. I run a keg dry about once per month and the smaller soda keg about twice per month. I just emptied my CO2 tank and it’s only been a year since it was filled. What are other folks using? Anyone keep track of how often they fill CO2?


I have 6 faucets and usually an extra keg carbonating while serving the other six. 20 pound tank with dual regulators. The last fill was roughly Nov 2013. If I can trust the gauge, I have 1/3 of the tank left.

I have 3 brews on tap. I have a 5 lb on the fridge and a second seperate 5 lb for carbing. Both get filled roughly once a year.

What are you carbonating your water at. Water is usually set a lot higher than for beer. Around 30psi. Beer 8-10.

I turn off the beer gas lines, hit the water at 30psi for about a day, then crank the gas back down to 8-10psi and serve all of them at that. Usually has enough co2 in the water then to keep it going until the keg dies.

Sounds like you empty two kegs a month. Im about 12 on a 5 lb. But I don’t force carbonate. Do you force carb your beer also?

I sometimes force carb it. If I have the time I just set it and forget it and let it carbonate at serving pressure. I don’t have any issues with it either way though.

I’m not sure but I think force carbing uses a little more co2. I don’t do water but my nephew does and he seems to go through his 5lb pretty quick. So it may be the water side that uses more co2. I guess it’s kind of hard to compare systems.