How long does a kit last after purchase

Just a quick question for the experienced brewers.

I got a kit for Christmas and just brewed my first batch. I’m already planning for my next batch but won’t be brewing it fo a couple of months.

Is it safe to buy it now with the Wyeast yeast now and let it sit around until I’m ready to make it?

I would wait on ordering to be honest. I try to use my liquid yeast within a week of buying/receiving it, just so I have the best viability possible. I’d recommend making a yeast starter any time you use a liquid yeast to reduce lag time and ensure viability before pitching. If you want to order ahead of time, use dry yeast. You will be surprised at the results it gives. I know I was.

Anyway, there is a good write up on starters in the FAQ section here:


If you want make the best beer possible, use the freshest ingredients possible.