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How long does a keg stay fresh after carbing?

Hey all,

Long story short, I over carbed my Maibok, and did not bring it to my picnic last week. I want to bring it to a camping trip last weekend in August. Will it still be fresh? It is at 37* and will be until the hour trip to the campground. It will be in a bucket of ice the whole trip. Any concerns about transporting I should have?



Yes it will be fine, and more than likely it’ll just be hitting it’s stride by then. The only issue with transporting is that it will probably get bounced around a bit and depending how much sediment you have in the keg you will have to deal with some cloudy beer for a while. If you’re going to transport it, ideally you want as little sediment as possible, some folks choose to transfer to a new keg and leave the sediment behind, probably a good idea if you can do it.

When checking the carb…I removed about 3 pints of cloudy. Still tasted awesome though, As this campout will be a bunch of medievalists, mostly Vikings, everyone will be drinking out of horns and ceramics, so no one will notice the cloudiness that may remain.

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