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How long do I ferment big honkin?

I want to brew big hongin stout extract. Is the process the same for brewing a dark beer than it is for an octoberfest extract? For the octoberfest I fermented a week. secondary fermented for a week. bottled for 2 weeks and am in the process of a 2 week conditioning/

Sounds like a poor Oktoberfest. Must have been an ale version. Oktoberfest is supposed to be a lager, fermented slow at cool temperatures in the 40s Fahrenheit for 4 to 6 weeks. If you only fermented 2 weeks, my guess is this is more of an amber ale than an Oktoberfest. Which is fine – you’ve still made beer, but it’s no fair calling it an Oktobefest as the process sounds wrong.

Process is correct for a stout, though, which is an ale. Although you might want to wait 2 weeks in primary fermenter instead of just one, if this is truly a “big honkin” stout. Higher gravity beers (OG>1.065 or so) take longer to ferment than standard gravity (OG<1.065).

Best of luck to you on both.

Thank you. Yea, the octoberfest extract might not turn out at all the way I want it to. I popped my cherry in the homebrewing world with this one. I didnt do enough research.

Simple answer, you let it ferment until it is done.

How do you tell when its done? Use your hydrometer.

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