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How long can mead be aged?

Just bottled two batches of mead - local honey, both 1.114 OG, finals were 1.020 and 1.016. Made them on 5/24/13, both were bottled yesterday 04/04/14.

They taste pretty good.

But I have access to a dedicated wine cellar - dark and 55-60 degrees year round. I’m in no rush, and the consensus seems to be that mead will improve with age.

So, how long can I age it without it going bad? 1 year, 5 years, indefinitely???

I appreciate any feedback.

Aging mead of that strength for 5-10 years should be OK, it might start to decline after that, but could last for a really long time.
If it tastes good now, I would drink it slowly over 5 years or so, maybe keeping a few bottles longer than that to see what happens.

Thanks for the note back. I’m going to start at a year and start sampling from there. But it might be in the cards to let a few bottles age for 7, 10 and 15 years to see what’s up.

I brewed an 18% mead to lay down for my granddaughter’s 21st when she was two. I tried one last year at the decade mark and it was fantastic.

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