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How long between milling your grain and mashing


Wondering if there are opinions about how long you can wait between milling your grain and mashing. Of course fresher is better, but do you think a week is too long? A few days? Would refrigerating grain extend that time?

any thoughts are appreciated


I’ve not waited over a few days with milled barely… But, how long do those boxed kits sit and wait before they get used? Look at flaked grains too… I don’t think I’d refrigerate them… Keep them sealed, as least amount of O2, in a dark area… Away form too warm… 50*-60*… Sneezles61

I’ve refrigerated milled grains in vacuum sealed bags for a few months and haven’t noticed any change in aroma. My oatmeal has sometimes been in the kitchen cupboard for a year and still seems to work.

I usually just mill them while I am waiting for my water to heat up. Only takes a few minutes to mill.


That’s what I do. But the fresher the better I got an old kit once and it tasted a bit stale

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I agree. 2-3 weeks top. Of course, if you can vacuum seal them they’ll stay fresh longer. But, then you might as well spend that money on a mill rather than vacuum bags.

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I do mill my grains. The night before brew day.

Sometimes the day before but I also mill while the water heats up most of the time. I imagine it would be OK for a while but why risk it.

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I milled last night for a morning brewday…first time ever :grinning:

Making an “old barley” brew? :joy: Sneezles61

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Before I got my grainmill, I would get grain pre-ground from my LHBS or NB. I stored the milled grain in the original ziplock bags, then have that in another plastic bag in a sealed plastic tub. Sometimes it would be a couple months before I would brew a particular batch. Probably not ideal, but I never noticed a problem.

I also think that if you have room in a fridge or even a freezer, that would help delay any staling.

We looked at that in this episode of Experimentalk Brewing…Episode 22 - Anything But Stale in Wisconsin | Experimental Homebrewing. Long story short…months is undetectable of well stored.

Once the grain is crushed it starts to break down the flavor may not fade but the vitamins and minerals do. I depend on beer for daily vitamins and minerals. No joke look it up

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Brew Cat, I know what your saying about the daily vitamins… Look at any daily supplemental vitamin… Brewers yeast supplies your B vitamins… Maybe Denny will, or did one on this on experimental brewing… You just need to know that enjoying home brew, unfiltered is good for you! We know… In moderation… Thats why consume extra most days… I may skip one and need some in reserve! :grin: Sneezles61

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