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How long 2- row

Been out of the game for a while… Have some 2- row barley hanging out… How long til it goes bad or can’t be used…



It depends on how it was stored. If it tastes good, brew with it.

":2s3wwgr6]Un-crushed grain- up to a year in a sealed container, stored in a cool, dry place.

Crushed grain- sealed in an airtight container 2-3 months, frozen up to six months. (Once crushed, the starches are exposed to the air and molding is more likely to occur, insect infestations are also more likely.) [/quote]

Looks like I am SOL… Look at purchase order … Made in 05/2010…

I’ve used 2 year old uncrushed grain that still tasted fine and made good beer. I think others on the forum have used 3 year old grain with good results. As a10t2 suggests, taste the grain. If it tastes good and is not soft, use it. If it was crushed, well then yeah you’re probably out of luck.

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