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How Important Is The PRV

I’m going to buy several kegs. Man I wish I had bought a few years ago. Pin Locks are cheaper, and I like the shorter size, but don’t like the idea of not having a PRV on the lid. Is it a PIA if your kegs don’t have the pressure relief? I know I can add them, another $10 ea. Can’t believe the keg cost. There is a place not too far away and if you pick up they are around $30ea.

They use the gas in post to vent them or there is a kit for $9 that will give you a PRV

The do have pressure release valves but they can not be opened manually. It’s there as a safety precaution.

The pull ring PRV’s are nice but venting through the post is no big deal. Just use a small blunt object.
They also sell these:


i’m pretty new to kegging - two lids without with PRVs and one with, but i’ve had no problem without the PRVs. if anything, it’s made me pay attention to how much co2 i’m putting in the beer. because i can’t bleed as easy, i put less in and sometimes even shut my gas off altogether for a while. prob have gone through 12 kegs without refilling a 5#er.

That is good news. If it is no big deal than it makes the price that much cheaper. Ball locks sure are much harder to find in numbers. This was what was scaring me about the pin locks. I’m wanting to get a dozen kegs.

You can also get a pull ring valve assembly replacement to replace the static relief valve on the pinlocks if you decide you really need the pull ring PRV.

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