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How important is it to reach a yeasts attenuation?

I recently looked at the OGs and FGs of the seven extract beers I have done and only one had reached the apparent attenuation as listed by the yeast strain. Most of my beers were only a few percentages away from reaching the listed attenuation. Is it really important to make sure the yeast attenuates fully?

All of the beers tasted fine to me so I assume it is not the biggest issue, although it can be an indicator of yeast health and proper fermentation. Would having the beer stay in the carboy longer help get a better attenuation?


a lot of extract batches will finish with a higher FG than an all grain batch would. this could lead to a lower attenuation, and in the case of extract, it is normal, and it’s safe.

but if the yeast aren’t done then it can result in bottles bursting. which can be dangerous. so it is important that you are SURE your beer is finished fermenting before you bottle.

i think attenuation on the yeast packs are averages. depending on the process and ingredients, it can vary quite a bit

[quote=“S.Scoggin”]depending on the process and ingredients, it can vary quite a bit[/quote]The attenuation figures on the yeast package are only for comparing that particular yeast to another made by the same manufacturer, not for predicting your FG. You can get an idea of the relative “strength” of the yeast but its performance in your fermenter is dictated by many variables, such as extract versus all-grain.

THIS^^^^. The fermentability of the wort is wort is what really determines attenuation.

interesting. i just assumed it was an average. but that makes sense. thanks!


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