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How fast can I turn a drinkable product

Question if I dare to attempt to turn a Oatmeal Stout into a drinkable product in exactaly one month. I am not normally a impatient person and have never tried to hurry my beer. However I just found out that we are entertaining for Easter and would like to have a nice beer to serve. I do force carbonate so that should help a little. Kind of funny I have 15 gallons now almost ready but my style is IPA with extra of everything and I love it. However I stop serving that to people that don’t know what a ipa is never mine a imperial IPA. To much wasted beer As always thanks for your opinion.

With an Oatmeal Stout I think you could do it. Dark beer so you wouldn’t have to worry about clarity. It won’t be the best it could be, but drinkable with a low carbonation. Try two weeks in the primary before kegging and holding at room temperature. Purge the keg with CO2 after filling. Time your carbonation for serving day.

4weeks with kegging? No problem. 2 weeks of fermentation, another week of cold conditioning, then keg her and you’re good to go. Just don’t make her a 9%er.:wink:

I would do 2 weeks fermentation. Keg, place it in kegerator and hook it to gas. The colder temps will promote CO2 to be absorbed. At 2 weeks of carbing the CO2 will be hydrated and make a nice head.

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Do check before you serve it, if it seems to have a chocolate milk look, then put in a ceramic mug! Sneezles61

This is what I’d do too. Just be sure you pitch plenty of yeast and you should have no problem.

Thanks every one for your expert advise as usual. I guess I will call tomorrow a brew day. I normally carb at 30 degrees and when I put the beer into the keg I turn the regulator up to 30 psi and shake till I get tired and them reduce to serving psi. So two week should be plenty to carb :beer::beer::beer:

The only question I have is if their not savy beer drinkers why do you think they will like a stout. Its not that popular with the masses. If it were me I’d just bang out a session pale ale


Now that is interesting the main reason is I have this that I bought at a store in South Dakota for a just in case. Unfortunately I do not live in a town where I can buy supplies with out driving. I do like to stock up on Northern Brewer kits when they have a sale on them. I do have to ask why you say that is that not is it something Mose people don’t like. . I need understand the beers more then I do. I went from drinking Milwaukee best to deciding it would be fun brewing my own and getting hooked un imperial IPA and never really visiting the middle.

You either like them or you don’t. Everyone will drink a PA not everyone will drink a stout. And besides if your having an easter meal you may want to drink something lighter. If all you have is the stout kit brew it up and maybe also have some wine for dinner and bring the stout out with dessert. Hey whatever you brew will be fine I’m just throwing my opinion out there

Thanks for the education I truly appreciate that. Thanks for taking the time to inform me. I think I will have to make to this time however I should maybee bottle a PA to have around for occasions like this.

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Brew Cat is you don’t mind I should ask your opinion about a German beer. Again I do not know what people would enjoy except this is not to serve but for a family reunion silent auction this summer. It has to be German do to the fact I want to do a tribute to our German Russian background. Thanks as always for your expertise.

Well first off I’m no expert I just have some opinions thats all. If you do Lagers you could go with a pilsner if not a kolsh both nice summer beers. An altbier is another German style that doesn’t use lager yeast. I believe an alt is a bock fermented with ale yeast

You could also employ Dannyboy’s thought too… I wish you would do an update on your portable beer enjoyment apperatise!! Sneezles61

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