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How does my kolsch look?

5.16kg pilsner malt
0.31kg wheat malt
52g hallertauer 60 mins (21ibu)
13g saaz 15 mins (2.3ibu)

og 1.046
ibu 23.2
colour 3.2
abv 4.7%

mash 66c (150f) 75mins

white labs kolsch yeast

What do you guys think about this recipe?
its my first ever attempt at a kolsch :cheers:

Looks good. Can you ferment it at 58-60*? Can you lager it for a month or so?

Yeah can do :slight_smile: Does the 15min addition look ok? Wasn’t sure how much to add

Looks pretty good to me, it’s almost exactly what I do. :cheers:

I’ll drink to that.

Awesome thanks :cheers:

Looks good.

I’d move the Saaz to 20 minutes and drop your ibus to 18-20.

Make sure to aerate well and use 1.5 times your normal amount of yeast due to the cooler ferm temps.

Also give her some time. It’ll peak around 9-10 weeks from brew day.

Try to find a stange if you can and enjoy!!!

Thanks Dan will do 8) Do you use white labs kolsch yeast?

Can you send me some? :cheers:

Can you send me some? :cheers: [/quote]

Not now… gotta get some in the fermenter.

I usually use the White Labs because because my LHBS stocks their line and it’s always very fresh. However, I do like the Wyeast 1007 very much.

Here’s my basic recipe, quite similar to the one above. Spalt is my first choice on the hops although any German Noble type you like does just fine.

10 Gallon US/ All grain

15 lbs German pilsner malt (91%)
1 lb German wheat malt (6%)
.5 lb CaraFoam malt (3%)

2.5 oz Spalt @ 60 minutes
.5 oz Spalt @ 20 minutes

White Labs WLP029 German Ale/Kolsch yeast

Single decoction mash with decoction to mashout: 128F @ 20 minutes, 148F @ 60 minutes, 168F @ 10 minutes


Any reason for the carafoam? Head retention and bit of body?

Pretty much. I like to use a little combined with the low mash temp to get a nice dry finish but still have a touch of chew in the body of the beer.

Thanks for the recipe Bryan! I like a bit of chewiness to my beer :slight_smile:

Brewed this 10 days ago and just racked it to a secondary today. I took a small sample, put it in the soda stream chilled it and it tasted very good already! :cheers:

How long should I leave it in the secondary at 65f for before I lower temps to 5c? cheers :cheers:

You can start the lager as soon as you are sure its done fermenting and the yeast have cleaned up. Personally I would shoot for 7 days secondary then crashing it. 5° will work but can you get closer to 1°? This will facilitate the yeast dropping out.

ok will do :cheers:

Just kegged this and had a little sample, wow :cheers:

I’m about to brew BryanH’s kolsch recipe. We were just talking about it the other day and I’m going to use the Wyeast 2565 Kolsch yeast. Should be nice when the weather warms up here. Aussie, I assume your temps are still quite warm down there so the kolsch should be perfect for it! Cheers.

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