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How do you mark your bottles?

I haven’t bought any labels and I don’t think they’re worth it. I’ll use a sharpie and mark the cap “O”,for Octoberfest, FT for Fat Tire, SM Sierra Madre.Just wondering how you guys do it.

I do the same. I also put a date on the cap (month and year.)

+1. I also put the BJCP category number and subcategory letter.

Hand written garage sale sticker on top of bottle cap.

I print address label size and include date bottled OG FG and abv

when i bottled i used masking tape and sharpie. but i had blindly bought A LOT of black bottle caps so that wasn’t an option

My wife has a large selection of rubber stamps for scrap booking/card making. A lot of times I can find one that fits the beer. If I don’t stamp the cap, I’ll just use a sharpie to put a few letters or simple graphic on it.

Sharpie on the cap with the batch number. If I forget what a batch was I just look it up in BeerSmith.

When ever I bottle I always like to make a lable for each bottle, but I don’t want to wash labels off bottles after each fill. That’s why I started making labels for the bottle caps. Each of the pics will fit onto 1" labels that I put on every bottle cap, and this system is working well.
I use the Avery® White Print or Write Clear Mailing Seals for Laser and Inkjet Printers 5248, 1" Round, Pack of 480

I just thought it would be cool to post pictures of your homebrew labels.

Here is the thread spawned by that subject.


I typically write on the cap with a sharpie for the few beers that I bottle.

If its a beer that I plan on gifting or for long term storage, I like them to look nice and make labels on the high end laser printer at work.

BTW Your caps are looking sharp Greg.

I print from computer the type of beer and date (sometimes a little more), side by side on a return address label. I cut them in half and stick to the bottle cap.

Masking tape and sharpie.

Sharpie on bottle cap with the batch number. Batch number is in my brewing log if I want to check the specifics of the recipe. I use a code system. Type + sequential number. Types are P= Pale Ale, W = Wheat, A = “Ale” as in Red Ale, Brown Ale, etc., and S= Stouts and Porters. So the labels would be P1, P2, P3…S1, S2, S3 and so on. This way when I go to the fridge I can tell what kind of beer it should be by the code and the # quickly tells me if one is a batch newer than another (usually don’t have many old batches sitting around but it happens).

Sharpie on the cap with brew name, brew iteration number, and ABV. Sometimes I’ll include some other notes for future observation, such as “pre-stir” if I forgot to stir the sugar into the wort before starting to bottle, then remembered at some point.

Staples/Walmlart/whatever generic office store sells these (avery or post it so far) removable lables. They stick rather well but all you have to do is catch the edge well with a finger nail and they come right off with no residue. The ones I use are actually designed to label the little ears that stick up on files, so they are about 1/2 inch by 3 inches. I mark on them with a regular old ball point although after a how bad they bled in a cooler I have switched to permanent marker.


Being a graphic designer, I think I will always make labels for my beer. I designed labels and neckers for my first 2 brews and had them made at grogtag.

Yes, it is expensive. In the future I will probably look into cheaper ways of doing it, but I figure if I am going through the effort of making beer, I want it to look nice too.

Now I just need to get them on the bottles. (Next time if I will make smaller labels, the big squares don’t work well on non-longnecks)

I think that cap label above is a great idea too.

Those look great, ibeentired. I may solicit your skills should I ever get the urge to come up with a logo for my “brewery”.

I do what Gregscu does, but I just use white labels. I think I bought 3/4" the first time. I don’t bottle often, so I am still going through my first pack. They save a ton of time writing on each cap with a marker, plus you can get more info with a small type font than you can writing.

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to pick up some of those labels…anyone have an Avery #? I think I’d like to use the clear ones…

I use Avery 1" round labels on the caps. I can print out name, date, abv, etc. Very easy, and it gets thrown out with the cap, so no bottle to clean up after.

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