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How do you like your mead


  • Dry and carbonated
  • Sweet and carbonated
  • Dry and still
  • Sweet and still
  • I don’t like Mead

Dry and lightly carbonated

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Not a fan

Need to find one to try, can’t say I’ve ever had one. :thinking:


Never had an example I liked either they were either to sweet or to strong so I make my own to my specifications. I like them dry carbonated and aged with some fruit.

Dry and carbonated. Fruit is good too.


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Dry and slightly carbonated. There is a build poll feature in the little gear icon btw.

Well then… I’ll have take a road trip this fall to try your mead then…

I couldn’t figure it out

It’s pretty simple to make. I only make it in a couple one gallon glass wine jugs because I don’t drink alot of it

Any honey works? Watered down some keep the ABV in a certain range? Yeast?.. Quizzing you, right?

Yes I use 2lbs of honey a lb of pears and a cup of raisons 3quarts of water and a little yeast nutrients. I use white wine yeast. After a week when the fruit sinks rack it to another jug and top up. After a month rack it again with some more nutrients then let her sit for a couple months. Then bottle Flars method. Get about 10 bottles or you can cork some Belgian bottles with more sugar of course. If you want it stronger add 3lbs of honey

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Should I worry about head space ? I’ve got a 3 gallon carboy… Start in that, then rack down to a couple of one gallon jugs… Now to find the stoppers and some air lockers… Thank you, I’ll give it a try.

That would be perfect you could rack onto two different fruits

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Haven’t made any (hey made is an anagram of mead) in over 10 years. Had no idea what I was doing and pretty much used honey, fruit juice, water and champagne yeast. Turned out so dry I had to back sweeten it to make it drinkable.So it was still and sweet. If you can believe it I still have some left and it isn’t bad.

Since then my wife surprised me once with a bottle of dry carbonated mead from a small mead maker, or is it meadery or mazer? Anyway it was pretty tasty. So I guess I’m on the fence since both were OK.

You should totally try a small batch it’s worth the effort. I recommend to no boil or low boil and orange blossom honey to begin with. You HAVE to use nutrients IMO. I got into this for a while and need to try again.
From Ken Schramm’s book The Complete Meadmaker

Ken Schramm recommend the following Yeast Strains for mead
Assmanshausen (yeah that’s a real thing LOL WLP749 )
Bourgovin (Lalvin RC212)
Cotes du Rhone (Lalvin ICV D-47)
Cotes du Blancs (RedStar)
Epernay (Redstar, Lalvin DV10
Flor Sherry (Redstar)
Montrachet (Redstar)
Montpellier (Lalvin K1V-1116) I used this “killer” strain")
Narbonne (Lalvin 71B-1122)
Pasteur Champagne (Red Star I also used this)
Pasteur Red (Red Star)
Prise de Mousse (Lalvin EC-1118)
Rudisheimer (Wyeast 3783)
Sauternes (Lalvin R2)
Steinberg (redstar)
Tokay (Vierka)

Many of these yeast have multiple producers. You will noticed that none are beer yeast and that most come in dry packets which is great.

I’ve always used Cote du Blanc because of its availability. I have one going now with the Lalvin 71B. Normally do a no boil but this time added the honey to boiled water to get it mixed just to see if it makes a difference. With the no boil the honey sinks to the bottom which never was a problem just like to try different things. I was reading about using local organic honey and local fruit and just ferment no additional yeast. Maybe this summer when my berries come in

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