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How do I lager a beer?

What is the correct way to lager a beer. I am going to bottle my beer that I made, should I lager it in the secondary or in the bottle? Is there a certain temp I should lager at? How long? I am using a Wyeast 2112 for this particular beer and it has a warmer temp range than most lager yeasts. Will that make a difference in the process for this beer? Does every Lager need to be lagered? I have alot of questions so any info you can give will be helpful. What are your techniques?

Ok. Lager Beer is beer made with Lager yeast and then put in Cold storage.

Lager in the secondary.

Lagering is around 30 degrees F.

There is debate about length of Lager time necessary. Most people find they only need a month cold storage to make a good lager. However, the longer you can let it stay, the better it will probably be.

The temp range for the yeast refers to primary fermentation. Once thats done(youve hit FG) you begin a D-rest at warmer temps around 60 for a few days to allow the yeast to clean up after themselves.

Then begin lagering at the temp mentioned above.

Lagering is done to mellow or smooth out the beer and also to make a super clear beer.
At these low temperatures not only will the yeast fall out but astringent tannins coagulate with haze-forming proteins, precipitating these and other compounds out of solution. ( taken form Greg Noonan’s book on Lagers )
In a way it is like another fine cold-break.
After you have lagered your beer for at least two weeks try one every so often. At some point you will taste the effects and have a really smooth drinkable lager.

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