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How do I convert a 5 gallon kit to a 1 gallon kit

I was wanting to take a crack at the NB Chocolate Milk stout; unfortunatley, I have a 1 gallon home brew kit. My plan is to by the ingridents I need to make it, but I don’t know how to convert the ingredents in the 5 gallon kit to a 1 gallon kit. Anyone know how I could figure this out? Do I multiply 5 by .25 to get 1.25 and then multiply the ingredents in the 5 gallon kit by 1.25? Thanks for your help!


divide all ingredient amounts by 5?

NO NO NO. Whatever you do not “just” divide the recipe by 5!! The hop profile will be off, it will come out too sweet. I use beer smith with takes into consideration hops used and the alpha acid it has, the malt profile and adjust them so the maintain the balance.

Extract or all-grain?

Either way you will find the ingredients listed on NB’s website. Go to the page for the kit. Click the “Additional Information” tab toward the bottom. Click the link provided to view the recipe. You can use that to plug the five gallon recipe into Beersmith or another brewing program, and then scale it to one gallon.

Edit: This recipe is available in Beersmith to download for free.

There’s also the option of upgrading to a 5-gallon fermenter. (i.e. 6.5-gal bucket/carboy)

I have Beer Smith Lite on my phone, does that have the option to convert units of measurement? Cause I’m not seeing it.

I put the recipe in the Stangebrew calculator. Adjusted the hops to be in grams. Then scaled the recipe to 1 gallon. No difference in the hops than if I divided it by 5.

Can you post what change Beer Smith makes to the hop schedule?

I’ve decided to simplify the problem and upgrade to a 5 gallon kit :slight_smile: . Thanks for all the reponses!

And that’s the way to go. Brew on.

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