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How cold is too cold?

Morning all,

Brewed a hoppy red ale yesterday and everything went well. Small krausen began to form 6 or 7 hours after pitching the yeast. I made a 1000 mL starter with a house made blend of two yeasts - white labs california 001 and white labs american ale blend. I realize that the american blend has the california strain already in it; thought the experiment would be fun.

Anyhow, I control my fermentation temps via a large dorm fridge with a temperature control affixed to the side of the fermenter. Upon inspection today, I noticed the temp, after taking a reading of the beer, was around 61 to 62 degrees. My temp. controller is set on 18 degrees celsius, or 64.4 degrees fahrenheit with a temp swing of 1.5 degrees celsius. Is the temperature of the beer too cold, or is this a pretty good setup as is? When fermenting this way, I’ve noticed that it takes a bit longer, and the fermenting process is less “explosive.” Seems to me that I need to figure out how the fridge temp works in regards to the actual beer in the bucket.

Thanks in advance,


You’re fine. I’ve fermented that yeast as low as 55F. I’m sure it would go lower.

I’ve fermented US-05 as low as 57 though I usually shoot for the low 60s, after 4-5 days I start to bring the temperature up to ~70 to finish. You’re right about a less active fermentation, but it makes for great beer.

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