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How badly did i screw up my mash?

started my mash (with reverse osmosis water) for an ESB w/ CaCl and CaSO4, but forgot to add 1/4 tsp of Phosphoric acid (10%). realized this 1/2 hour into the mash.

What’s the downside?? will i extract tanins / get astiringency? added the phosph.acid 1/2 hr. later…



You’ll be fine. You might not have as much extraction. What temp are you holding?

Take a gravity reading and adjust with adjuncts if you care.

about 151 F. happy w/ mash temp. but when adding PhospAcid dropped to 149. worse things have happened.
any other thoughts on downsides? extracting tannings from husks??

No personal experience but some literature suggests extraction of tannins may begin at a pH of 6.0. Don’t remember if the type of grains in the mash influenced an increase or decrease of possible extraction.

If you have some dark grains… Your pH will be lowered… As far as the other Chloride to Sulfite additives… I will only add them to the boil kettle…
So if you watch your runnings from the mash-tun, and you monitor you Gravity, I would stop rinsing with any reading below 1.008… Sneezles61

Check out this "exbeeriment " on the brulosophy site…

The more I read that site the less nervous I get while brewing.


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I’m going to try brewing with no water treatment for a while effective tomorrow to see if I give a crap. My guess is I don’t/won’t.


i generally forget to treat my water

that’s a great article, thanks!!

thanks all!!

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