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How are my beers coming along? Possibly stuck?

So I brewed 2 BIAB all grain batches that I’m a bit worried about. Similar thing happened to both beers. They had very vigorous fermentation for about 3 days. Had air lock bubbles once every couple seconds. I could see the wort churning about wildly, and a nice krausen. Then after 3 days the krausen receded and now there is very little airlock activity. It happened to be like -15 degrees for a couple days here and my basement dropped a few degrees. Down to like 59f. Its usually steady at about 65. I used a yeast starter with both batches. I took gravity readings today to see what is going on. The two beers in question are

Milk Stout: 5.25 gal mash temp 151 60 min

9lbs Marris Otter
1.5lbs Organic Chocolate malt
1lb Roasted barley
0.5lbs coffee malt
1lbs lactose sugar
2oz UK Fuggles
1oz Cascade
yeast: 1 smack pack Irish Ale 1084 w/ 1.4L yeast starter

So OG was 1.060 yeast was pitched on 2/8/2014. Today 2/13/2014 the gravity is at 1.040

The second beer is Belgian dubbel 4.25 gal Mash temp: 152 60 min

11lbs Maris otter
0.5lbs Belgian caramunich
0.5lbs belgian special b
0.5lbs caramel/pils
1lb dark candi sugar
2oz german hersbrucker
2oz Saaz
2 smack packs of 3522 Belgian ardennes w/ 1L starter

OG 1.079 yeast pitched on 2/1/2014. now 2/13/2014 gravity is at 1.032

Should I just let them run their course? Add fresh yeast? I did taste both samples and they tasted very good. Real toasty flavor from the stout and the Belgian had the unmistakable Belgian flavor to it.

Did you get your readings from a hydrometer or a refractometer? Because the latter would have to be corrected with a calculator that accounts for any alcohol present.

Maybe it’s me, but I don’t usually do a hydro reading until after 2 full weeks. It is possible that the lower temps might have slowed down the yeast, but I doubt it. Keep it in the mid 60s and do another hydro reading in a week.

yes hydrometer (the NB cheap triple scale)… Previously I have waited 1 month or more before taking a reading but with those there was a thick krausen and constant airlock activity that led me to believe the yeast was still working away.

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