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How about some suggestions

All my berries are coming in so it’s Gose time. Don’t have enough of any type of berries for 5 gallons. I’m thing sour my wort then brew the Gose without fruit then split it into 5 different 1 gallon jugs for secondary with the fruit. Anyone do this

Sure try it. Berries can be a lot of work and 1 gallons are a lot of work. So you are making 5 times the work. What berries are we talking about?

I’d probably put all the berries together in one batch and just call it “fruit punch gose”

But if you do that at least get the weights so you can reproduce the batch if it turns out good.

I have about 3 lbs black current, I’ll get about 2 lbs raspberries, boysenberry and elderberry aren’t read to pick yet but should be alot. The goosberries are ripe but I ate most of them. Hopefully someone gives me rubarb. Blueberry are for eating and freezing.

The bulk will be done as a 5 gallon batch. I’m thinking a pound of friut in each jug. Then bottle directly from the gallon jugs with my mini auto siphon with domino dots. I don’t have to bottle all at once do it at my leisure watching baseball at night. Should end up with a 2 case variety pack. It is a bit of work but I think the result will be worth it. I’ll do a 5 gallon cranberry batch in the fall after Thanksgiving when the cranberries are cheap


I do it all the time. Its a great way to learn what fruits,flavors and amounts in different styles of beer. In one of the chapters of my book that im still currently working on. I talk about doing this to get familiar with brewing beer and adding fruit. Better to have a one gallon batch that you dont like than five gallons that you dont like. Then if you like the results from your one gallon you can convert it up to larger batches. Now only thing brewing with fresh fruit if you like the batch is tring to recreated it later. Not all fruit ripens at the same time to the same degree of ripeness. Each piece of fruit will have different brix if you test them. So what i always do is take a sanitized container and mash some fruit up and test the brix to get a good idea of my sugar content. I also test the Ph of the fruit. This is very important as fruit ripens they lose the acidicness and become sweeter. Make sure to take notes write down brix and ph. This will help later on recreating the next batch you brew.

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While this is true, after you figure out the basics the opposite is true. I do 2.5g split from 5 often and often wish I had made more.

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