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House beer

I tend to make beer that is interesting nut brown, abbey style ales, gingerbread ports. A friend suggest I make a house beer that every will drink. Does any one have a interesting beer recipe that will suit make Budweiser drinking friends. V

Cream ale and kolsh come to mind

Don’t worry about the bud drinkers.

How about a Blonde? From my experience most people who have never tried craft beer and end up at a brew pub end up calling a Blonde their favorite when they leave.

If you’re drinking kolsch, you may as well drink bud IMO. The only difference is a kolsch gets a little bit better as it warms up. But, yes, if someone likes bud, they would probably like Kolsch. I tried one recently, it reminded me of the standard “yardbeer” except it was nearly $5 (per 12oz)… :shock:
I had a beer last night that I think would satisfy most people’s palate…Aviator’s Devil’s Tramping Ground. It’s a EASY drinking 9% tripel…and it only cost about $2. Just a lovely brew and if they drink 3, they will be s***faced. maybe you could clone it… :cheers:

I make an excellent house pale ale that accommodates all palates. It’s not too bitter, but the aroma is fantastic. Most of the ibus come from 15 minutes and under.

I’ve brewed the Centennial Blonde linked here

a couple times, and everybody loves it. Quick, easy, and delicious.

No point in trying to make a craft beer equivalent for non-craft beer. It’s already cheap as hell.

Remove the labels from a case of Bud bottles and tell them you made it! :smiley:

I would say a German pilsener or Bohemian pilsener would be perfect for a bud drinker

Mt opinion is a house beer should be something you can drink as well as your friends I’d go with a pale ale.

[quote=“El Capitan”]I’ve brewed the Centennial Blonde linked here a couple times, and everybody loves it. Quick, easy, and delicious.[/quote]Wow, that thread is 388 pages long! There must be something to it, I’ll put it on my to brew list.

Yeah - I thought the same thing. It’s like the BVIP or Denny’s RIPA thread, but with blonde ale.

I thought it was pretty good - light and refreshing. Everybody who tried it really liked it. Great for summer. If you’re looking for a crowd-pleaser, this is it.

I’ve brewed that beer a few times, always subbing the centennial for Belma from hopsdirect. Very tasty, easy drinking, and refreshing beer.

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