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Houblonmonstre Tripel - Secondary Necessary?

Im getting ready to brew a batch of Houblonmonstre Tripel and I was wondering what the brew experts opinion was on a secondary with this kit… Should I follow the instructions and go Primary for 2 weeks then transfer for another month… or just leave it 1.5 months in Primary?

Thank you for your opinions

do you keg or bottle?

I would primary for 3-4 weeks, then bottle-age. I find tripels are way better after about a year.

Yeast starter and ferment temp control?

Normally I keg, but this batch I am going to bottle.
Yeast starter = yes
Temp control = yes

So Primary for a month and let it complete in the bottle for as long as possible?

Thank you

I’d say let it sit in the primary for a month or so. Then either age in bottles or bulk age (in a keg, at room temp) afterwards. I’ve got mine aging in the keg right now. As it’s an IPA/Tripel hybrid, I want to enjoy the hop character, so I won’t wait much longer before beginning to chill & carb for serving.

[quote=“mmessier2”]Normally I keg, but this batch I am going to bottle.


Good move. Going Trappist on it.

Thats what I would do. Pitch around 64, start raising the temp after day 2 of active fermentation and leave at around 70* for 3 weeks.

Thanks… you guys rock

This style should have a lot of hop character, so aging in bulk, then dry-hopping just before bottling is preferable to long-term aging in the bottle.

Tripels should have low to moderate hop flavor, and low hop aroma. Where are you getting this Shade? Or is this a kit that should be closer to Houblon Chouffe? If the latter, I agree with Shade.

I assume it’s an Houblon Chouffe type Tripel given the name.

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