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Houblonmonstre Tripel IPA bottling question

I brewed this extract kit as per directions and after a three week primary I moved it to the secondary where it has stayed for about 6 weeks. I’ve heard it can be necessary to add yeast at bottling when making “big beers” especially after they spend a decent amount of time in the secondary. I’m planning to bottle it when I have time and I was curious if it would be suggested to add yeast to the bottling bucket?

How does one know when a beer crosses the line into the “big beer” category? Also, does the type of yeast matter, and how much to add?


I think of ‘Big’ any time the OG is over 1.075.
Adding a little extra yeast may not be necessary, but it’s insurance that will give you peace of mind.
You can use pretty much any ale yeast. If you saved any of your original when you transferred to secondary, that would work. You only need about 1 tsp. of slurry from the bottom. Same thing if you have yeast from another batch. Barring any fresh available yeast, you can use about 1/4 package of any dry yeast. I keep around a cheapo pkt. of Munton yeast just for reyeasting. Rehydrate it and add it to your priming solution when it’s cooled down enough.

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