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Hot, Spicy, Vinous, Prickly Mouthfeel

ok first time for this for me and I’m wondering if more time in the bottle will cure the Spicy, Vinous, Prickly Mouthfeel
first off the beer is not undrinkable but, I would not hand it out to friends. I mashed at 150 for 70 min. batch sprage at 170 20 min. with 2 row ,Carmel 15 and caraform . now keep in mind that I was going for low body and I got it along with the , Spicy, Vinous, Prickly Mouthfeel, witch I was not expecting .the og was 1.054 and after 2 weeks fermenting at 65+ or- it ended at 1.006. I used 05 yeast. used nugget and cascade hops. the mash was a little on the low ph side, maybe 5.0, hard to tell with the ph strips.
there’s a possibility I may have under pitched a little, but with 1.006 FG I’m not sure.Never had this before and at only one week in the bottle with some carbonation did not think i should taste this spicy, Vinous, Prickly Mouthfeel . What do you all think.

With an fg of .06 it’s hard to think that you under pitched.
If it’s a ph problem, time probably won’t cure it.
You should check my work on that statement, though.

Sounds like your fermentation temp got too high. fermentation is exothermic so the beer can get several degrees above ambient. 65F doens’t seem warm enough for this but the result sure sounds like it. Either that or you got an infection.

Give the beer a good 3-4 weeks after bottling/kegging until you make a final judgment about it. Many beers change considerably during this conditioning phase which I feel is essential.

Back up a little, buddy. What kind of beer were you trying to brew? What were the recipe and processes? Just knowing the aftermath doesn’t really give us much to work with, really. I’m assuming that the beer you were trying to make was probably nothing too exotic, but I don’t really know. Just at a glance, though, I’d have to say that maybe your priming sugar is to blame. I think I’ve experienced something like what you’re describing in the days before I switched to using gyle to prime my beer, but maybe it has nothing to do with this. If you don’t mind, a little more in-depth information would probably be helpful here. :slight_smile:

The majority of us use priming sugar with no issues.

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