Hot Scotchies!?

So I was leading a braggot brew for our brewing club at an apiary on Sunday, and a newer guy in our club from TX mentioned that he (especially when it gets cold) has a “Hot Scotchie” on Brew Days.

Hot Scotchie:

-8oz hot first runnings
-2oz blended scotch

I will be subbing bourbon, but damn this sounds good! That’s why I love hanging out with guys from Texas. Always full of good ideas.

BTW, I love that I’m talking about hot beer cocktails at 9:48am on a Monday.

Pietro, I have heard of these before and thanks for the reminder to try it when the time is right. It sounds like a good treat when the boil has stabilized and I’m absolutely positive I won’t regret it, probably when I’m teaching a friend to brew as is supposed to take place soon. Normally I wait until I’ve gotten to the cold side before I drink any beer on brew day. Well, there have been a few exceptions. :wink:

I’m not a big whusky drinker, but that sounds good.

It is good. I saw it on Brewing TV last winter and tried it on a particularly cold day here in MN. A word of warning though: while this drink is delicious and can ward off -10* winds it tastes pretty terrible once it cools down. I would only mix a bit of it, and drink it fast. Lukewarm hot scotchy equals time for a new hot scotchy.

I’m not a whiskey drinker at all, but hot Scotchies rock!

The brewer introduced me to them at my first brew on a commercial system. Yumm.

I’m usually the same. Crack my first brew when the IC is running and I have little left to do. Plus it helps me stay patient while my beer cools :smiley:

do you guys have a preferable brew you do these with?

Love that stuff!
I usually make it with cognac and sometimes with whiskey. I prefer Isla whiskeys so it’s rather smoky if I use them :slight_smile:
It’s a delicious thing indeed!

I only do it with BW.

I only do it with BW.[/quote]

Yeah, I figured a pils wasn’t the best choice to toss some liqueur in, lol.

Porters, browns, anything dark and sweet basically.