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Hot Sauce

Now is the time of year that I am swamped with hot peppers. Every year I use some of the bounty to make some homemade hot sauces. Anyone else like to make hot sauce? Do you have a favorite recipe? A few of my favorites are Caribean, Jamaican Jerk, and Pineapple Curry sauces.

I haven’t made sauce in a while, but I used to grow and smoke jalepenos for chipotles. Another good one was smoked and canned habeneros. I would use them for jerked pork or chicken.

Do you make vinegar based (fermented) ones like Tabasco, Crystal, … ?

We have been able to buy the proprietary Tabasco plants for a couple years now. Kind of fun to grow, great flavor too. Being in zone 4A some of peppers (larger red bells) need to be started early and treated right to get red ripe on the vine. At least it has been my experience. I’m more of a plant it and let it grow type of greenthumb, not a real nurturer. :lol:

Pickled spicy vegatable mix (carrot, cauli, pearl onion, celery) and dilled green beans are my favorite to put up.

We’ll have some of the Tabascos ripening real soon here, care to share a hot sauce recipe for them. Not a fermented one but fresh.

Here is a simple louisianna hot sauce recipe.

Makes 3 cups
1lb fresh red chiles, stemmed
2 cups white distilled vinegar
2 tsp salt

Simmer chiles, vinegar, and salt in non reactive sauce pan for 10 min. Puree in blender until smooth. Ph should be between 3.0-4.0. Pour into sterilized jar and seal. Allow to steep in fridge for 1 month. Reheat to 190F for 5 min and strain, pour into clean sanitized bottles.


You can also make a rum based sauce by simply placing 8oz Tabasco chiles in a sterilized jar and covering with 2 cups cachaca. Let sit for 1 month in a cool dark place before using. Its pretty good on eggs.

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