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Hot Pepper Ale?

Anyone ever made something like this? I have heard about such a thing and I love spicy food. I would love to hear some recipes and reviews of such experiments if anyone has some.

Lots of chile beer recipes on this site. If I was going to make one, I would do a simple APA, keep the IBUs in check, mash a little higher for a bit more body, ferment it out and at the same time do a tincture with peppers and vodka. Once the beer is ready to rack, I’d do a taste test to determine the right amount of tincture for the entire batch (pour four 2-oz glasses and add drops of the tincture until I found the sweet spot), then spike the bulk beer.

But I would rather just bite a jalapeno and take a swig of beer rather than making an entire batch of chile beer.

I got this recipe from a friend in san antonio for my wife (she’s the pepperhead in the family). i cut it to 3 gallons but 5 gallon quantities are show in parenthesis. His recipe had cascade (1 oz) at 60, 40, 10, but I didn’t want mine that hoppy so went with fuggle at 40 and 10 as shown below.

3 gallon batch:
6 lbs (versus 10) two row
1.2 lbs (versus 2) crystal 60
.45 oz (versus 0.75) cascade at 60
.60 oz (versus 1.0) fuggle at 40
.60 oz (versus 1.0) fuggle at 10
90 min Mash at 152F
60 min boil
Add 3 (6-8) medium sized jalapeños in secondary. (Blanch and cut them in half length wise) Be sure to leave the seeds in.

I used WY 1469 but Nottingham dry is also a good option. Edit: I also had 2 week primary in the 60s, then 2 weeks secondary with the 'penos.

I found 3 jalapenos to be too hot for my tastes. She thought it was perfect. Not as hot as she likes spicy food, by any means, but perfect for spicy beer. For example, when we go to BWW for wings, she orders WILD…I order asian zing to give you an idea of our preferences.

I’ll be making another batch soon as my little pepper head drinks like a fish. :wink:


I brewed one a long time ago with a little smoked malt and habernero peppers. Real hot to start with, almost too much. Gave it some time and it mellowed out nicely.

These are good beers to offer friends to wash down a chili pepper. :shock:

I also think a mild tasting ale recipe is a good start to a pepper beer. The peppers are the showcase so a ton of hops isn’t necessary. Some maltyness might help balance it though.

This one turned out pretty well for me.

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