Hot Climate Fermentation and Yeast Strains

I Just started brewing and with summer coming in Arizona I’m wondering what styles I could brew at higher temperatures. I saw a Belgian Saison strain from Wylabs that is supposed to thrive up to 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit with an overall temp range of 70-95.
For our first batch of Caribou Slobber (started yesterday) we’d pitched the yeast and started too warm, it was at about 80 degrees for half the night and after some good kreusen forming on the top with some peaks starting, when morning came it slowed down greatly, now in the afternoon and after wet towel/fan cooling to around 73-75F there are bubbles occasionally coming thru airlock but not the constant stream of gas flowing thru last night and i’m not seeing the hops and bits swirl around inside the liquid.
Now I’m wondering how broad a range of styles i could make with trying to use something with a higher temp rating i.e. the Wylabs Belgian Saison and fermenting at a higher temp like high 70s, mid to upper 80s or more even in the summer. Do colder/higher temps make a giant difference with certain styles or is it more about the yeast? If i wanted to try something dark like a stout or porter should i wait until winter and stick with experimenting with something more forgiving?

I’ve got a ton of questions still but I think i’ll leave it here for the moment, any pointers on temp/style or on my specific brewing situation would be greatly appreciated, ty for your time :slight_smile:

p.s. almost forgot, I’d not seen the comments saying to just dry pitch a dry packet so i had tried to rehydrate it, forgetting to use wort like id seen in the video, i used warm water, but keeping it warm it got a bit above temp, near 100F. it did rigorously ferment during the evening but at around 12 hours by this morning it was and is barely bubbling thru the airlock. should i worry?

Saisons with one or two strains are the only yeast that really do well at 80-90F. There are a lot of things you can do short of buying a special fridge of keezer though. “Swamp coolers” (a large bucket with water and frozen water bottles work well, and there is this product, also using frozen water bottles, (
) that apparently works fairly well too.

I’m going to say that you may not like a Sasion that is completely brewing in the upper 80’s. The flavor profile could be way out there.

The best thing would be to have a dorm fridge or other fridge/freezer set up on a temp controller.
Then a “son of a fermentation” chamber.
Then a “swamp cooler”.

See my signature line for ideas on keeping your temp in the mid 60’s.

Wait till winter? It is not still winter in Arizona?

I’d definitely look at some sort of refrigeration. I like saisons, but not enough to live off them.

I’ve had good luck with saisons in the low to mid 80’s. Haven’t pushed them much past that. I made NB’s saison de noel around 85-87 degrees and it turned out really nice. They said farmhouse reserve could ferment up to 95 degrees, which is insane.