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Hot break

When brewing wert would your beer taste any differently if you didn’t achieve a hot break? sometimes when brewing I’m not sure that hot break has occurred by the descriptions that I’ve read.

Hot break is the coagulation of proteins during the boil.

Without hot break, you’ll have a hazy beer. Generally speaking, you can’t taste it.

These proteins will normally fall out during cold-break and fermentation and end up in the trub.

So your wort never foams up when it starts to boil?

Too many unanswered questions, but what is your heat source and are you doing extract or all grain?

If you’re “boiling” on the stove-top with a weak burner, then it is possible that you won’t notice much of hot-break.

Think about a propane burner setup or replace the stove-burner.

Healthy hot and cold breaks are essential to advancing to the “next level” of beer.

I did an extract today, while I did get foaming I didn’t get coagulation ( something that looks like egg- drop soup). I’m using a propane burner and getting a rolling boil, and waited for 20 minutes per John Palmer,before adding my additions. I must be getting a hot break,just doesn’t seem to fit the descriptions that I’ve read about.

Hot break coagulation doesn’t look egg-drop soup. It’s much smaller than that.

If the foam dropped back into the wort, then you got hot break coagulation.

Cold break may look like egg-drop soup, though it doesn’t necessarily have to.

Thanks stick boy for your replies, it sounds like I’m achieving hot break.

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