hot break

this evening i decided to try and save some time and start heating my wort (slowly) as i was sparging and i finished sparging At about 193F and then came to a boil but did not experience the normal hot break i was use to , this paticular recipe was 20lbs of 2row and 4lbs of flaked rice with cane sugar and is the second time i have made this but had a decient boil over , any ideas what this might this be due to , thanks much for the knoledge to come.Alex

I’m guessing it’s the speed that you brought it to a boil.

I’ve boiled over a 15g keg with only 1/4-1/3 of it being full while doing the run off.

This just happened to me Friday, 3 gallons in a 18 gallon pot. Had the lid on while I was batch sparging and it boiled over.