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Horrible Beer Weekend

What a weekend of Crap I’ve had :x

Friday night - made the slobber extract, decided in my stupidity to use a wine wand to stir the wort up before pitching. Only realized after a minute that I was letting all kinds of air in there.
Felt like punching myself

Fast forward to Saturday - my SS Minnow Mild was ready for the 2 week bottle tasting. It is horrible - like flavored water with some tangyness or something. Is it supposed to be like this? Was wondering if anyone knows of a beer sold everywhere (or NY at least) that is similar to it so I can try it to see if its just my taste buds or I messed up somewhere

Now today, I happen to be in my basement and I see that my slobber exploded. Would it have killed me to use tghe blowoff assembly instead of the S airlock. I was too lazy to clean it on Friday so just thought that I would get to it before it started serious bubbling. I immediately put a fresh airlock on there but hours later and I got nothing going on. The blowoff must’ve happened last night cos the krausen is all dried up on the outside of the carboy. It has also fallen right back inside. So I guess that ones toast as well? Any yeahs or nays on that?

I’ve totally just used you all for a therapy session but I needed to tell someone and mys wifes view was ‘it wasn’t gonna be ready for 2 months anyway’

I’ve never been as happy to be done of a weekend in my life

You used a wine wand to mix the wort with the top off water and noticed you added air? Seems right to me. Adding oxygen pre fermentation is acceptable and encouraged.

SS Minnow, don’t know anything about the beer. Let it sit for 2 more weeks.

You Slobber is probably fine. Guessing you pitched warm. It took off right away and fermented warm and fast. May need some additional aging to mellow it out.

Start with a blow off tube and never worry about it.



The first one wasn’t a problem at all. Actually a good thing. You want to add oxygen prior to pitching the yeast.

All of those things sound pretty much normal to me. +1 to everything above. :cheers:

I think on his first one, he was worried more about adding other airborne elements/compounds to the beer, as opposed to pure oxygen (maybe?). But as said, yeast need oxygen to make your beer.

Now your sweet tart mild is another story :mrgreen:

Most Brit yeasts do add a ‘tangy’ flavor note to the beer. I personally like Notty in my bitters/ESB’s for that reason alone. I also think that since there is so little for them to hide behind, the flavors do need some time to come together. I would guess the mild will be better in a week or two.

If you have a good beer store, check out Theakston’s Mild, Moorehouse Black Cat, or Sainsbury mild.

well - thanks to everyone for cheering me up.

Yeah I was worried about the airborne particles. Maybe since this is the first time I did that, it actually contributed to the speed of fermenting.

It was a tad warm as well - sitting right around 75F when I pitched cos my tap water is a lot warmer than a couple of weeks ago.

On the mild, thanks for suggestions - I was pretty close to tossing all the bottles, but I guess I can put them in the basement for a while and see what happens

Thanks all

THAT is the biggest problem of all the ones you listed!

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