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Horrible Attenuation With WLP007

I want to like this yeast. Everything I’ve read about it makes me want to make it my house strain. My experiences with it have been quite disappointing, though. I’ve read all about how people are getting near 80% attenuation with it but my last two batches never got above 70%. Actually, 65% and 68% respectively. The batches were in the low 1.060’s and I fermented one around 65 and one around 70. I aerated well and made 1.5 liter starters for both. Both mashed at 152 with little to no crystal malts.

Am I missing something here? Should I be adding nutrients or lowering the mash temp even more?

What type of numbers have you got? 1.0?? Are you using a hydrometer?

I love this yeast but have never gotten 80% attenuation, usually around 70%. But in the end I almost always hit the FG I am looking for. Are you hitting the FG you want? So much will depend on mash temp and the amount of non fermentables.

I’ve been using a hydrometer and my fg’s have been coming in around 1.018 and 1.021

What FG where you expecting? What temps are you fermenting at?

I ask because this yeast floc out pretty fast. I usually pitch at 60 and let it rise up to 65 for a day or two. Once I see it slowing down I let the temp rise to 68-70. Helps keep the yeast going.

I think it’s one of two things: either your hydrometer is wrong, or even more likely, your thermometer is wrong. For example, if your thermometer says 152 F when it’s really like 157 F, this would explain an awful lot. Calibrate in boiling water and see how far off it is.

I brewed today and checked both the hydrometer and thermometer. Both were spot on. Very odd. I’m stumped.

The reason I’d like to get this yeast to attenuate better is because I’m doing an arrogant bastard clone next week and I know stone uses this strain a lot.

For AB mash at 148. Should help the beer finish drier.

If your mash temp and pH is correct, I would look at aeration and fermentation temp. What do you consider “adequate” aeration? And for fermentation with this strain, I like to pitch at 62F, ferment at 64F for a week or so, then raise the temp to 68F and rouse the yeast the next day (all temps are beer, not ambient).

I am using this yeast this weekend for a pale ale. I prepared a starter on Wednesday and everything looks OK. It seemed that the yeast fully dropped out more quickly than I expected (after 30 - 36 hours), but I don’t think I can judge a yeast by how it looks in the starter flask.

It’s a pretty standard recipe. I will mash at 152 for 60 minutes. Chill to mid 60s (based on city water temps), aerate with O2 and pitch a nice yeast cake.

Re-reading this post has made me a bit nervous about 007. Any reason I shouldn’t plow ahead?

no its a great yeast, but its more temperamental than chico. just follow what shadetree says - I actually think you should bump to 68-70 at around day 5, but that is splitting hairs.

oh and that’s standard for 007 or 002 in the starter - basically after about 24-36 hours, it looks like egg drop soup in the flask, thats when I know its time to turn off the stir plate and start crashing.

My ESB just finished up, which I use 007, done in less than 36 hours. I pitch at 60 then let rise to 64. After day two I bring up to 68, because by then it is already starting to drop out. With 007 I am almost done with fermentation in less than 4 days unless it’s a big RIS or barley wine. Same with 002 and 013, the other two english yeast I use quite a bit. I do however almost always let it sit for 10 days total.

OK, thanks for the reassurances folks. I shall charge the hill with my little 007 fungus friends.

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