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I have an over abundance of german northern brewer hops and German perle hops. I was wondering the best types of all grain recipes to brew?

Probably ones that contain Northern Brewer or Perle hops :lol:

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Those are pretty versatile hops so there isn’t a lot you can’t do with them. How about a Cali-common bittered with northern brewer and some perle and cascade as a later addition?

I was thinking the exact same thing. Both of those hops can be used it virtually anything. Cali common is known for northern brewer hops. Any lager can be made with perle.

Search the NB site using your 2 hops as keywords and the NB recipes that use them will show up.
Review the grain profiles that their recipes use to base your purchase on.

I like their Altbeer that uses Perle in the recipe and brew it in the colder months.

Thanks I appreciate all the info.

If you just want to use them up, use them as bittering hops. The Northern brewer can be slightly rough in the bitterness they impart, which will work OK for IPAs or Pale Ales. Perle is smoother, and will work in almost anything else.

Look for the “Nearly Nirvana” SNPA clone recipe and maybe goose the grain bill a little into the IPA range, then go heavy with the hopping.

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