Hi guys im planning on brewing the Off The Topper double IPA in a few weeks.i just recieved the recipe. Should I refrigerate the hops or is it best to put them in the freezer? Thanks!!!

Usually freezer is the answer. I’m not familiar with this kit though. Are these pellet hops?


Yes freeze them. Refrigerate the yeast.

Thanks will do! The vial of yeast went right in the refrig.! Thanks guys!:beers:

Don’t forget to allow enough time for the starter. May be completely unnecessary advice, but why not just in case.

Thanks I didn’t get one but considering it!

This is the starter/pitch rate calculator I like to use. The yeast viability calculator seems to be the most accurate of all the starter calculators available.

I was wondering for a Hop busting IPA during the boil is it beneficial to use pellet hops or cones.recipe called out for 4 Oz of dry hops during week 2 of fermentation?

I prefer pellet throughout…those who grow their own obviously use a lot of cone/whole hops. Pellets are just easier in my opinion and certainly more available here locally(LHBS).

I grow my own, so use a combination of whole cones and pellets. I actually do think pellets are easier. An ounce of dried cones is an astounding volume of material. While the cones kind of help filter things when I pour through a strainer, there are so many of them it’s a bit ridiculous.

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