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Hops soaking up beer!

I like dry hopping with whole hops in my keg for 7-10 days in a hop bag.

My question: Since whole hops soak up beer, is it a bad idea to squeeze or press the beer out of the hops back into the keg? I’ve never squeezed the hops because I’m afraid I’ll release some off flavors, kind of like squeezing a grain bag.

What’s everyone’s view on this?

I squeeze.

I squeezed and it got ugly quick for me. Hop particles got squished thru and the beer was hop chunky. Absorption is my biggest gripe with whole hops, be it dry hopping or in the BK.

I bought a cheap food processor and coarsely chop my whole hops. It makes them pack much tighter in both the kettle and dry hop addition. In turn, they absorb much less wort/beer.
I brew with LOTS of hops and this really helps.

That’s a great and interesting idea. I’ll have to try chopping 'em next time I use whole hops.

or just buy pellets and save some trouble/time

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